Subjects of the Conference

Commercialization of Extreme Robotics Technologies
  • Robotization of Agrarian-Industrial Complex.
  • Application of Robotic Systems in Open Pit and Road-Building Works.
  • Industrial Robotics: Robots in Manufacturing.
Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Control Systems
  • Object Decomposition and Vectorization of Information Field.
  • Neural Networks and Categorization of Objects.
  • Intellectualization of Technical Vision Systems.
Marine Robotics Technologies
  • Robotics for Underwater Production Systems.
  • Robotized Systems for Rescue Operations at Sea.
  • Supporting Technologies (Navigation, Control, Technical Vision Systems, Communications, Hydrolocation, etc.).
Space Robotics
  • Orbital Robots for Implementation of Spacecraft Servicing.
  • Robots for Spacemen Support.
  • Planetary and Earth-Based Rovers.
Robotics in Medicine*
Robotic Technologies for Surgery:
  • Robotic Systems and Robotized Instruments for Surgery.
  • Operation Navigation and Planning for Robotization of Surgical Procedures.
  • Sensory Systems for Information Support of Robotized Surgical Procedures.
  • “Surgeon – Robot” Interaction Interfaces.
  • Intelligent Control Systems, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Robotized Surgery.
  • Modern Medical Technologies for Robotized Surgery.
  • Experience of Robotic Systems Application in Clinical Practice.

Perfusion Complexes for Transplantation and Resuscitation:

  • Perspective Directions of Development of Perfusion Systems for Transplantation.
  • New Medical Technologies of Perfusion Systems Application in Organ Donorship.
  • Application Experience of Perfusion Systems for Perfusion of Isolated Donor Organs.
  • Modern Technologies of Extracorporal Membrane Oxygenation.
  • Extracorporal Membrane Oxygenation Hardware.

This section is planned to be held on the base of Almazov National Medical Research Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the frames of National Medical Innovation Forum (June 7-9, 2018)


Meeting of Technical Committee on Standardization «Robotics» (TC 141)
  • TC 141 Secretariat Work Statement 2018 (1 quarter).
  • TC 141 Secretariat Information on Work Schedule 2019.
  • General Discussion on Standardization in Robotics.


Organizer of the Conference


Conference official language

Russian, English