Medical Robotics

30th International Scientific & Technological Conference "Extreme Robotics" (ER-2019). "Medical Robotics" Workshop Programme

Event organizer and venue address

Date and time of the event

RTC and Uricon Group Ltd.,

Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota Congress Centre,

Moskovsky ave. 97A, St.Petersburg, Russia

June 13, 2019.

Event concept (objective, tasks, anticipated results):

Objective: Analysis of modern status and directions of medical robotics development.


1. Exchange of views on issues posed to designers of medical robotics.

2. Familiarization of scientists and specialists with cutting-edge achievements of engineers designing medical robots.

3. Determination of tendencies in the medical robotics development.

4. Identification of scientific challenges crucial for medical robotics development and finding approaches to their solution.


* robotic surgical complexes in oncology;

* robotic assistance for surgery and procedures;

* recovery robotic systems, including exoskeletons;

* technologies of AI in oncodiagnostics;

* laser technology in proctology.

Target audience: Scientists and professionals involved in development of medical robotics, representatives of operating companies, higher education institution students and post-graduates.