"Airborne Robotics" Symposium Programme

Objective: Assessment of modern status and opportunities of unmanned aircraft systems development, analysis of problems regarding air-traffic management involving drones.


  1. Exchange of views on issues posed to designers of airborne robotics.
  2. Familiarization of scientists and specialists with cutting-edge achievements of airborne robotics engineers.
  3. Determination of tendencies in the airborne robotics development.
  4. Identification of scientific challenges crucial for airborne robotics development and finding approaches to their solution.
  5. Formulation of approaches to drawing up regulatory documents for unmanned air-traffic management.
  6. Establishment of cooperation in the field of airborne robotics application technologies.


  • concepts and means of air-traffic collision prevention;
  • tethered drones and their inflight stability assurance during motion of a towing transportation device;
  • hybrid designs and unconventional configurations of drones;
  • video content processing via on-board equipment for control system purposes and data flow minimization;
  • using drones as re-transmitters, including for optical communication purposes.

Target audience: Scientists and professionals involved in airborne robotics, representatives of operating companies, higher education institution students and post-graduates.