"Ground Robotics" Symposium Programme

Objective: Determination of critical problems, approaches to their solution, directions and opportunities for ground robotics development.


  1. Exchange of views on approaches to solving the issues posed to designers of ground robotics.
  2. Familiarization of scientists and specialists with cutting-edge achievements of ground robotics engineers.
  3. Determination of tendencies in robotic subsystem development in terms of their functional autonomy and human-robot interaction efficiency.
  4. Identification of scientific challenges crucial for ground robotics development and finding approaches to their solution.
  5. Discussion of initiatives on establishing unified classification of ground robotic means.
  6. Determination of possible forms of international cooperation for ground robotics development purposes.
  7. Discussion of initiatives on creating ground robotics testing methods.


  • mobile platforms and manipulators;
  • fire-fighting robots;
  • mine-disposal robots;
  • emergency-rescue robots;
  • agricultural robots;
  • anthropomorphic robots;
  • ground robotics testing;
  • ground robotics modelling;
  • navigation and mapping;
  • communication and networks;
  • human-robot interface;
  • autonomous functioning of ground robots;
  • artificial intelligence technologies in robotic engineering;
  • robot group control algorithms.

Target audience: Scientists and professionals involved in development of ground robotics, representatives of operating companies, higher education institutions students and post-graduates.