"Marine Robotics" Symposium Programme

Objective: Facilitation of professional and business interaction efficiency for addressing current issues and further development of marine (overwater and underwater) robotics.


  1. Giving attenders the floor for free exchange of information and ideas on theoretical and feasible solutions for current issues in marine robotics.
  2. Familiarization of scientists and specialists with cutting-edge achievements of marine robotics engineers.
  3. Identification of critical issues, high-priority tasks, and opportunities for marine robotics development.
  4. Establishment of new connections, strengthening and further developing direct professional and business communication.


  • uncrewed motor boats and unmanned underwater vehicles;
  • amphibian robotic devices for handling transport problems under Arctic conditions;
  • robotics for geological survey and underwater mining;
  • robotic systems for laying and maintenance of underwater communication lines;
  • robotic means for monitoring offshore areas and addressing environmental problems;
  • underwater navigation and communication.

Target audience: Scientists and professionals in the field of marine robotics, business representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.