"Collaborative Robotics" (Robots for Collaboration with Humans) Workshop Programme

Objective: Analysis of modern status and determination of directions, opportunities, and ways of developing robots intended for collaboration with humans.


  1. Exchange of views on approaches to solving the issues posed to designers of collaborative robots.
  2. Familiarization of scientists and specialists with cutting-edge achievements of engineers designing collaborative robots.
  3. Determination of tendencies in the collaborative robots development.
  4. Identification of scientific challenges crucial for collaborative robotics development and finding approaches to their solution.
  5. Determination of possible forms of international cooperation in creating collaborative robots.


  • industrial collaborative robots;
  • entertainment robots;
  • robots for assisting aged and disabled people;
  • wearable exoskeleton robots;
  • service robots for hotels, restaurants, marketing;
  • housekeeping robots;
  • human-robot interface;
  • sensor equipment of collaborative robots;
  • human-robot cooperation safety;
  • recognition problems arising during human-robot cooperation;
  • navigation problems arising during human-robot cooperation;
  • flexible robots.

Target audience: Scientists and professionals specializing in creating collaborative robots, representatives of operating companies, higher education institution students and post-graduates.