"Educational Robotics" Workshop Programme

Objective: creation of a unified information and educational environment (infrastructure) in order to form a country-wide highly qualified scientific and engineering candidate pool in the field of mechatronics, robotics, and engineering cybernetics.

  1. Discussion of issues on implementing advanced educational robotic technologies.
  2. Presentation of new educational solutions in the field of collegiate robotics: tools and methods.
  3. Implementation of educational technologies and mechanisms of promotion and popularization of engineering-oriented business education in schools.
  4. Promotion of the "RTC Cup" youth robotics competition to encourage students to cultivate their engineering imagination in the field of robotics.
  5. Discussion of opportunities for cooperation between schools, colleges, and manufactures for promoting and supporting talented youth and forming individual educational trajectories.

  • design, probation, and field implementation of advanced (innovative) person-oriented methods and tools (educational technologies, products (services), resources, techniques and approaches to staff training) into the "Mechatronics and Robotics" educational programme;
  • provision of such conditions that talented youth involved in scientific and engineering creativity could fully participate in scientific and research and production processes regarding the implementation of innovative robotics design solutions; establishment of favourable environment (infrastructure) for creative thinking;
  • provision of support at all education stages, encouraging and motivating tech-creative youth to further develop and pursue their professional goals via promoting scientific-research high-tech achievements;
  • advanced training and professional development of teachers, scientists, academics, and managers of educational facilities in the field of mechatronics and robotics via applying the best global and Russian practices;
  • selection and training of "double-purpose" personnel, involvement of cadets and military students in scientific-research activity via introducing innovative technologies into the supplementary educational process in the form of military-oriented youth robotics competitions for the purposes of vocational guidance in the "Mechatronics and Robotics" educational programme;
  • "RTC Cup" youth robotics competition;
  • "RTC Cup – AGRO" youth robotics competitions: its purpose is to encourage countryside students to cultivate their engineering imagination in the field of robotics;
  • vocational guidance and design collaboration with students in the field of robotics;
  • virtual reality: new opportunities for learning robotics;
  • robotics design centres at educational institutions.

Target audience: representatives of Federal Executive Authority, Administration of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Innovation Promotion Fund, schools, lyceums, gymnasia, supplementary education facilities, engineering institutes and universities, secondary vocational education facilities including specialized technical colleges assuming further vocational orientation in the discipline of "Mechatronics and Robotics", officer-engineering, engineering, and specialized military colleges, military academies (departments), and higher education military colleges.