Programme Committee

Y. Baudoin
General Chair

G. De Cubber

Royal Military Academy Coordinators FP7-Security TIRAMISU-ICARUS Belgium
V. Lopota
President of RSC Energia by S.P. Korolev Russia
F. Chernousko
Director of Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the RAS
E. Yurevich Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics
V. Gradetsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the RAS
A. Maslowski Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Mathematical Machines, Warsaw Poland
M. Armada Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) Spain
G.S. Virk Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development University of Glave Sweden
M.O.Tokhi Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering University of Sheffield UK
William R. Hamel University of Tennessee Dept: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering USA
Andre Samberg Sec-Control Group Finland
F.E. Schneider FGAN FKIE/EFS/MMRS Germany
P.van Blyenburgh President UVS International Netherlands

Local Organization Committee

Chairman Alexandr Lopota
RTC, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Secretary Ivan Ermolov
MSTU STANKIN, Moscow, Russia

IARP Executive Committee

President N. Caplan
Vice-President G. Pegman
Executive Secretary E. Dombre
JCF 2012 Chair A. Maslowski

IARP Member and Observer Countries

Belgium D. Lefeber
Brazil L. Hsu
Canada E. Dupuis
China, P.R Q. Huang
European Commission

P. Karp

W. Boch

P. Bidaud

E. Dombre
Germany R. Dillmann
Italy C. Moriconi
Japan K. Yokoi
Korea M.-S. Kim
Poland A. Maslowski
Russia V. Gradetsky
Spain M. Armada
United Kingdom G. Pegman

William R. Hamel

M. Reischman

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