Time Schedule for Paper Submission

The contribution should focus on theories, principles and developments which have been explicitly developed for (terrestrial, underwater, aerial and space) robots, and carried sensor systems for environmental surveillance, risky interventions in unstructured environments and/or in extreme environmental conditions.

Guidelines to materials

Full papers (size is up to 8 pages) should be sent to e-mail: mrspb@rtc.ru in one file of Word for Windows text editor, and contain: an abstract, preface, the main body of the text, summary, list of references.
Page size A4
Borders: upper and lower 1,8 cm; left and right 1,9 cm
Font: Times New Roman Cyr, size: 11 points
Paragraph Tab: 0,8
Single line spacing
Tables and drawings (as the objects) should be inserted in the document and be signed. Diagrams in black and white are allowed.

Surnames and initials of the authors should be centered (semibold, in italics, interval after it - 9 points). The name of the report should be also centered (Caps Lock, semibold, interval after it - 9 points). Then the name of the organization, city, e-mail of the authors should be placed (in italics, interval after it - 9 points), and finally the body text is coming. References should be given in Arabic numerals within square brackets. Bibliography is to be given in 6 points after the text, it should have the title and be without tabulation.

An abstract (approximately 300 words in English) should be received not later than 30 April 2013.

  • Deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2013
  • Selection of abstracts: 31 May 2013
  • Receipt of full papers: 30 June 2013

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